piazzale Piazzale Stocco srl


The company’s business was born in the late 40s as a sole proprietorship founded by Stocco Martino‘s father Leopoldo and Gabriele, who then continued the activities of the enterprise, specializing in the recovery of scrap, waste and scraps of ferrous metals and non-ferrous waste and municipal hazardous and non-hazardous.



In 2009 the company becomes a corporation with shareholders Susanna Tommasin, and Umberto Gabriele Stocco. Today the company Stocco LTD following the vocation of the founder, he deals with the recovery of reusable waste by implementing an integrated management which your selection to obtain a correct evaluation of the materials that can be reused as raw materials in the environment.


The company has qualified and trained to a performance of the services in a workmanlike manner.